Wentworth Pegasus Sub-Micron Automated Manipulator

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  • Fully programmable
  • Sub-micron resolution
  • Highly repeatable and accurate positioning
  • Powerful, intuitive control and monitoring software
  • Configurable with high voltage/high current probing accessories

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Wentworth Pegasus Sub-Micron Automated Manipulator





Pegasus™ SAM is a fully programmable, automated manipulator for the Wentworth Pegasus™ Series of 200 mm and 300 mm probers, delivering sub-micron resolution for use in the most demanding test applications.

The Pegasus™ SAM manipulator can be controlled via keypad or with optional LabMaster™ control and monitoring software. LabMaster™ drives all Pegasus™ SAM functions via a user-friendly graphic user interface, providing centralized test setup and control.


A wide range of articulated front ends offers maximum adjustment capability to accurately position the needle holder, of paramount importance when probing inside packaged devices. In addition, Pegasus™ SAM is fully programmable in X, Y and Z axes to successfully resolve alignment when probing packaged devices and offers 30 mm of travel in X, Y and Z axes.

Featuring a vacuum hold down, the SAM micromanipulator provides a stable probing platform with a quick-release function for fast, easy repositioning of the manipulator unit.