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The ever-increasing demand from consumers for new features, better quality and lower prices put a constant strain on audio and electronics manufacturers to differentiate on cost efficiency, shorter time to market and outstanding performance. At GRAS, we acknowledge your challenges and try to overcome these by pushing the boundaries of what is possible within precision measurement microphones.


We know about the consumer audio and electronics industry as it is in our DNA. We were the first measurement company to introduce the ½” microphone which has since been copied by most of our competitors in the market. We also make microphones or solutions to custom, and we are known for our exemplary design of innovative and groundbreaking products. Our product portfolio within consumer audio and electronics is the most extensive presently available on the market. Whatever your challenge, we understand the importance of precision, accuracy and reliability in your measurement results.

Over the years, GRAS has developed the widest portfolio of acoustic test fixtures and microphones for customers expecting outstanding product quality, performance and durability. Consider us as your preferred partner and trusted advisor for whatever your need for capturing precise, accurate and reliable measurement data from R&D to end-of-line production.

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Watch the video on the company Head-Fi testing high-quality products using GRAS equipment:

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