VeEX VeSion Cloud-Based, One System Platform

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Bringing VeSion to the NetworkVeSion integrates RF, Fiber, MPEG, Ethernet monitoring, PNM, Weep, Maintenance and fulfillment solutions into "One" cloud-based platform. Results can be accessed anywhere, anytime and at any location.

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VeEX VeSion Cloud-Based, One System Platform

VeEX’s VeSion is a cloud-based one system platform, representing the next step in innovation. It integrates VeEX’s Preventive RF Monitoring (Return and Forward), Fiber and PNM (Return and Forward), MPEG, Ethernet, Advanced DOCSIS Monitoring, DOCSIS Burst Demodulation, Sweep, Workflow and Asset Management systems all under one umbrella. This provides MSO’s complete network visibility (VeSion) and reduces unnecessary Truck Rolls by alerting key personnel via SMS and/or emails to alarm conditions and location. In addition, VeSion links directly with an MSO’s billing system, allowing them to pin-point the exact location of the DOCSIS cable modem problem.

With the one system platform, maintenance is easy and secure while reducing the effort to maintain several separate systems by MSO NOC teams. Integrated with the VeSion R300 server, it is the perfect workforce management tool to keep devices up-to-date in the field. Using the Internet, or mobile applications to VeSion, access to all of your results can be made anywhere, anytime and at any location.

The following probes and switches are available:


  • Flexible distributed architecture for easy expansion, increased reliability, and reduced system down time
  • Secured IP connection for access from any location with Internet connection via Android and iOS mobile devices, web access or VeEX portable test sets
  • Email, SMS, SNMP, Syslog notifications
  • Interfaces with VeEX portable test sets to enable Sweep, Ingress and Digital Signal measurements for complete single person Return Path troubleshooting


  • Cloud-based – one system platform
  • Monitor RF (Return and Forward), MPEG, Ethernet, Fiber and PNM (Return and Forward)
  • True Return Path QAM analyzer and tracer with Bursty QAM Demodulator
  • Upstream testing qualification and troubleshooting
  • Workflow, configuration, asset and test-data management, data enrichment and mapping
  • Web, tablet or field meter access
  • Sweep (Forward and Return)
  • High resolution true non-interfering 5 to 1.8 GHz downstream sweep system with Manual and Automatic Gain & Slope Offsets
  • Dark or Active Fiber Monitor to alert for changes on fiber including loss, microbend, reflectance or breaks
  • On-demand Optical Fiber Testing: OTDR, VFL, OLS and OPM
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)



The CX180F Probe in the VeSion monitoring system checks the performance of analog and digital channels being transmitted downstream or toward customers across a CATV HFC network.


Part of the VeSion system, the CX380X advanced Spectrum Analyzer and Burst Demodulator captures rogue cable modems and provides proactive identification of potential network-affecting issues in the return path of HFC network. In the downstream monitoring system, CX380X 24 x 7 monitors the performance of Analog, Digital, FM transmitted downstream signals. It also monitors MPEG streams for encryption detection and ETR 101 290 priority 1 and priority 2 standards.


The CX180R Probe in the VeSion monitoring system monitor’s return path ingress, UCD, spectrum from 4 to 245 MHz frequency range. It also measures return path QAM for Level, MER, BER analysis for QAM16, 64 and 128 upstream signals.

CaLan 3010H+

The CaLan 3010H+ Sweep System is designed for prequalification, installation, and maintenance of DOCSIS 3.1 networks. The unit consists of a high performance, 1.8 GHz Transmitter and a low noise, 204 MHz Receiver, capable of sweeping the entire Forward (up to 1.8GHz) and Return path respectively.

RTU (Remote Test Unit)

VeSion RTU is a Remote Test Unit for Testing and Preventive Monitoring of fiber and multi-service transport infrastructures, reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).

OX4000 (Optical Switches)

OX4000 series optical switches provide reliable, fast, and repeatable performance. Units can be controlled via built-in keypad or remotely via RS232 or Ethernet for VeSion’s Remote Fiber Test Systems (RFTS). The platform supports 1x8, 1x16, 1x24, 1x32, 1x64 and 1x128 hardware configurations.