VeEX AT1700 1 GHz Headend Multiplexer

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RF Switch MultiplexersThe AT1700M/AT1600E series multiplexer is a high performance cost-effective broadband RF switching solution. Combined with the AT2500 series spectrum analyzers, the AT1700M/AT1600E multiplexer is the ideal solution for headend testing and return path monitoring.

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VeEX AT1700 1 GHz Headend Multiplexer


  • Full 1 GHz performance RF matrix. 16 × 1 (AT1701M/AT1601E) or 16 × 2 (AT1702M/AT1602E)
  • Fastest externally controlled switch rate of only 100 microseconds
  • Gain through the switch: 0 db (AT1600E) and 10 dB (AT1700M)
  • Front panel access allows individual manual control of output A or B


  • Units can be daisy chained to support up to 256 inputs with AT1701M/AT1601E or up to 256 × 2 with AT1702M/AT1602E
  • Locally control up to 256 switch ports through an analyzer
  • Compatible with VeEX's AT2500 series remote controlled spectrum analyzers, Calan 3010H Sweep analyzers, and CX380X Forward and Return Path monitoring system