EM TEST UCS200N Ultra-Compact Simulator

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Ultra Compact Simulators for Automotive Transients
  • Built-in EFT/Burst generator module
  • Built-in Micropulse generator module (ISO 7637, JASO, SAE and NISSAN)
  • Built-in coupling network 80V, up to 200A
  • Built-in battery switch
  • Overcurrent protection

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EM TEST UCS200N Ultra-Compact Simulator

UCS200N Ultra-Compact Simulator for Automotive Transients for Pulses 1, 2 and 3a/3b

The UCS200N Ultra-Compact Simulator series for Automotive Transients unifies the capabilites of an EFT/Burst simualtor, a Micropulse simulator and the required coupling network into one box. The UCS 200N series is equiped to meet all international and car manufacturer specifications from around the globe. The built-in coupling network ranges up to 200A depending on the model. The built-in coupling network can be used and controlled by any unit of the LD200N series,
VDS200N series and PFS200N series. For tests beyond standard's requirements the waveform parameters of the Micropulse generator can be varied in a wide range by means of the FreeStyle mode.