Tektronix TCA75 TekConnect-to-75 ? Adapter

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Tektronix TCA75 TekConnect-to-75 Ω Adapter

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Tektronix TCA75 TekConnect-to-75 Ω Adapter

Tektronix TCA75 Adapter (75 to 50 Ω)

TekConnect TCA Series Adapters expand the functionality of Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes. This family of adapter systems provide better performance and less signal distortion than traditional connections used to move a signal from one environment to another, such as BNC to N or BNC to SMA.
Key performance specifications

TCA75 – TekConnect-to-75 Ω BNC
  • DC to ≥23 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • VSWR – 1.1:1 (26.45 dB)
  • 75 Ω input
  • Auto Attenuation Factor Correction

TCA-BNC – TekConnect-to-TekProbe™ BNC 50 Ω
  • DC to ≥4 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • 50 Ω input (only)
  • For control of TekProbe BNC (50 Ω) probes

TCA-N – TekConnect-to-N
  • DC to ≥11 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • 50 Ω input (only)

TCA-SMA – TekConnect-to-SMA
  • DC to ≥18 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • 50 Ω input (only)

TCA-292MM – TekConnect-to-2.92 mm
  • DC to ≥25 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • 50 Ω input (only)
  • SMA compatible

TCA292D – TekConnect-to-2.92 mm
  • DC to ≥33 GHz (instrument dependent)
  • 50 Ω input (only)
  • SMA compatible

  • DC to 500 MHz
  • 1 MΩ input

  • DC to 4 GHz
  • Use TekVPI Probes on MSO/DPO70000 Series Osilloscopes
  • 50 Ω input (only)


  • Signal integrity, jitter, and timing analysis
  • Verification, characterization, and debug of sophisticated designs
  • High-speed digital devices and circuits
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Mobile communications
  • Investigation of transient phenomena
  • Spectral analysis
  • Video design and development
  • HDTV and streaming digital video

TekConnect interface delivers superior signal fidelity, unparalleled versatility, and ease of use

The TekConnect interface ensures superior signal fidelity with useful bandpass up to 33 GHz, while offering unparalleled versatility with the world’s widest array of accessory signal acquisition solutions for high-performance, real-time oscilloscopes. This interface delivers a robust oscilloscope interface with multi-GHz analog bandwidths. The TekConnect interface preserves a low Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) 50 Ω environment as well as a reliable electrical connection. A convenient, one-button release and locking mechanism provides quick, easy installation and removal of probes, amplifiers, and adapters.

TCA75 Adapter (75 to 50 Ω)

The TCA75 adapter allows Tektronix oscilloscopes with a TekConnect interface to easily access and measure 75 Ω terminated circuitry. The TCA75 attenuation factor is automatically corrected to provide the end user with correctly displayed signal magnitudes.

TCA-BNC Adapter (50 Ω only)

A direct 50 Ω input with TekProbe BNC 50 Ω capability, this adapter may be used as a direct 50 Ω BNC input or with Tektronix high-speed active and differential probes requiring the TekProbe BNC 50 Ω interface.

The TCA-BNC Adapter is a standard accessory with MSO/DPO 70000C/DX series oscilloscopes.

TCA-SMA and TCA-N Adapters (50 Ω only)

The high-speed SMA- and N-type adapters allow a more direct connection to the signal under test requiring N or SMA connections without losing performance by adding other external conversion adapters.

TCA-292D and TCA-292MM Adapters (50 Ω only)

These high-speed 2.92 mm-type adapters allow a more direct connection to the signal under test requiring a 2.92 mm connection without losing performance by adding other external conversion adapters. The locking screw must be used to ensure full bandwidth performance. The 2.92 mm connector is more robust and performs at higher frequencies than an SMA connector. The 2.92 mm connector is compatible with SMA connectors, but the electrical performance will be limited to the bandwidth of the SMA connector.

The TCA-292MM Adapter is a standard accessory with MSO/DPO 70000C series oscilloscopes and the TCA292D Adapter is a standard accessory with MSO/DPO 70000DX series oscilloscopes.

TCA-1MEG High-impedance Buffer Amplifier

The TCA-1MEG high-impedance buffer amplifier system extends the capabilities of Tektronix high-performance oscilloscopes, making them ideal for a variety of general-purpose measurements. The TCA-1MEG amplifier system provides a 1 MΩ path that is easily removed and replaced with a wide array of TekConnect probes, amplifiers, and adapters.

TCA-VPI50 TekVPI to TekConnect Probe Adapter

The TCA-VPI50 adapter extends the functionality of the TCA Series of adapters by enabling 50 Ω TekVPI probes to be used on oscilloscopes with TekConnect interfaces. The TCA-VPI50 will only work with 50 Ω terminated probes. It will not work with 1 MΩ terminated probes; examples of which are passive probes, current probes, and most high-voltage probes.

TekConnect adapters and probe compatibility

Tektronix offers a wide selection of probes with native TekConnect interfaces. For applications requiring a probe where there is not a TekConnect probe available, it is possible to use the TCA-1MEG, TCA-BNC, and TCA-VPI50 adapters to connect other Tektronix probes to your scope. This table lists probes that are known to be compatible with the TekConnect adapters.

Accessory typeTCA-1MEG High-impedance Buffer Amplifier (P6139B Probe included)TCA-BNC Adapter
Instrument input connectionTekProbe BNC 1 MΩ-to-TekConnect interfaceTekProbe BNC 50 Ω-to-TekConnect interface
Instrument input impedance1 MΩ / 10 pF50 Ω
Passive voltage probes
Active voltage probes
GeneralNAP6245, P6243
Differential voltage probes
>2 GHzNAP6330
<1.8 GHz<8 V LogicNAP6248, P6247, P6246
High-voltage probes
DifferentialP5202A, P5205A, P5210AP6251
Current probes
AC/DC <15 ATCP2020NA
AC/DC 5 mA to 20 ATCPA300, TCPA400TCPA300, TCPA400
AC high-frequencyNACT6, CT2, CT1
AC low-frequencyTRCP0300, TRCP0600, TRCP3000NA
O/E converter probesNAP6701B, P6703B

Please refer to the individual probe data sheets for more information about probes.