Tektronix DPO77002SX Scalable Performance Oscilloscope

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  • Description - Single-unit
  • Analog Bandwidth - 70 GHz
  • Sample Rate - 200 GS/s, 100 GS/s
  • Record Length - 62.5M points – 1G points
  • Analog Channels - 1 at 70 GHz, 2 at 33 GHz

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Highest signal integrity.

ATI technology is at the leading edge of signal fidelity, minimizing noise to give the most accurate measurement results on your next generation designs.


  • Low-noise ATI architecture
  • High performance trigger system to isolate signal flaws
  • Tightest timing accuracy
  • Precision time base accuracy
  • Channel-to-channel skew/timing
  • Multi-unit system timing accuracy and stability
  • Low-noise optical measurements with the DPO7OE1/DPO7OE2 optical probes

Flexible. Versatile. Scalable.

Innovative UltraSync architecture provides configuration flexibility, allowing you to easily add acquisition channels and maintain channel-to-channel timing accuracy.


  • Deploy units individually
  • Easily aggregate into a multi-unit system
  • Quickly reconfigure system
  • Configure up to 16 synchronized optical acquisition channels with the DPO7OE1/DPO7OE2 probes
  • Automate testing with our Python Driver Package

Measurement and analysis tools that keep you on track.

Application support packages for the DPO70000SX provide automated compliance testing, insightful debugging tools and the extensive signal connection options you need to verify and certify your latest design. 


  • DPOJET: the most comprehensive, flexible measurement tool available
  • SDLA: the most powerful, complete tool for analyzing and compensating for signal affects in serial data links
  • Simple, extensive PAM4 analysis – without needing external CR
  • Support for full suite of Gen1-6+ high-speed serial standards
  • Automated compliance testing for complete, reliable, repeatable results
  • Powerful debugging tools to quickly uncover/fix design challenges

Know-how. Right now.

The Tektronix application engineering team goes onsite, providing expert-level support for measurement connectivity, oscilloscope operation and analysis tool insights. From introduction to adoption to integration of highly complex measurement processes in your lab or manufacturing operation, we’re here for you.


  • Multiple levels of service, including Gold Care for the most comprehensive protection
  • Get installation help, training and problem solving support
  • Worldwide Technical Support Center provides real-time access to a central knowledge pool

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