Tektronix AFG31022 Arbitrary Function Generator

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  • Analog Channels - 2
  • Output Frequency - 25 MHz
  • Record Length - 16 MSa/ch
  • Sample Rate - 250 MS/s 
  • Vertical Resolution - 14-bit

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The AFG31000 series with InstaView™ technology is the first high-performance AFG with built-in waveform generation applications, patented real-time wave monitoring, and a modern user interface.

Verify your waveform at the DUT

Patented InstaView™ technology enables you to view the real waveform at the device under test (DUT) directly on the AFG without the need for an oscilloscope, probes, or additional equipment, saving test time and eliminating the risk of unmatched impedance in your test results.

Double pulse test in under a minute

The AFG31000 is the first function generator on the market that includes built-in double pulse test software. Now you can generate two waveforms with varying pulse widths (from 20 ns to 150 µs) in under a minute directly on the touchscreen display. No need for an external PC application or manual programming.

Measure switching parameters and evaluate the dynamic behaviors of MOSFET and IGBT power devices.

High-fidelity signals with advanced mode

Generate long, precise waveforms in continuous mode with lengths up to 16 Mpts per channel right out-of-the-box. Variable sampling clock technology guarantees you will never lose any waveform data. Available upgrades let you take your testing to the next level and build and program complex waveforms at one-tenth the cost of a traditional AWG.

With optional upgrades you get:

  • Memory extension to 128 Mpts per channel (option MEM)
  • Sequence/triggered/gated modes (option SEQ) with up to 25 entries and controls for: branching, repeat, wait, jump, go-to, external trigger in, manual trigger, timed trigger, and SCPI command, for building long waveforms with complex and flexible timing.

Simplified ARB waveform creation

The built-in arb editing tool, ArbBuilder, includes all operations to create, edit and transfer an ARB waveform, eliminating the need to connect or transfer files to a PC. The amplitude and offset data is stored in the waveform, removing the need to adjust the settings after loading a normalized arb.

Smart user interface

Learn faster and work quicker with the largest AFG touchscreen on the market. The 9-inch screen works just like a smart device so you can pinch, zoom and scroll to easily locate settings and parameters on the simplified menu and find shortcuts to frequently used settings.

Need more than two channels?

If you need more than two channels of waveforms to stimulate your device under test (DUT), multi-sync enables you to quickly sync up two or more units. The onscreen wizard will lead you through the process of cable connections and settings in less than three minutes.

Strength in numbers

  • 1 or 2 channel models
  • Output amplitude range 1 mVp-p to 10 Vp-p into 50Ω loads
  • Basic (AFG) mode
    • 25 MHz, 50 MHz, 100 MHz, 150 MHz or 250 MHz sine waveforms
    • 250 MSa/s, 500 MSa/s, 1 GSa/s or 2GSa/s sample rate
    • 14-bit vertical resolution
    • Continuous, modulation, sweeping and burst run modes
    • 128 kpts arbitrary waveform memory in each channel
  • Advanced mode
    • Continuous mode and optional sequence, triggered and gated modes
    • 16 Mpts arbitrary waveform memory in each channel (128 Mpts optional)
    • Up to 256 steps in sequence mode with loop, jump and wait events
    • Variable sample clock 1 µSa/s to 2 GSa/s
    • Minimum waveform length 168pts with granularity of 1 point

Reduce noise and jitter by 10x

With a lower noise floor and output amplitude down to 1mVpp – the noise and jitter specs are 10x better than last generation technology ensuring clarity and fidelity for your test.

Online upgrades

The software-based architecture means you can upgrade your AFG31000 directly from our website, with new options to keep evolving with your needs.

Currently available

  • Bandwidth upgrade
  • Memory size upgrade
  • Waveform sequencing upgrade


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