Tektronix 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply

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  • Number of Outputs: 3
  • Maximum Voltage: 30V
  • Maximum Current: 3A
  • Connectivity: USB

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Tektronix 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply

The Tektronix 2231A-30-3 Triple Channel DC Power Supply can output a total of 195W of power, providing the power levels needed to energize a wide range of circuits and devices for benchtop work. Two channels can supply up to 30V at 3A each; the third channel can provide up to 5V at 3A. The Tektronix 2231A-30-1 does not compromise on performance or convenience features, offering the versatility and ease of use you need, so it can be the only DC power supply on your bench.

Quality DC Power

The Tektronix 2231A-30-3 is a linear-based design with less than 5mVp-p noise per output. Voltage and current settings have basic accuracies of 0.06% and 0.2% respectively. The load voltage and load current readback results provide the same levels of accuracy, so you can be confident you are sourcing accurate, low noise voltages and currents to your device-under-test (DUT).

Three Fully Independent Outputs

Each output of the Tektronix 2231A-30-3 is fully programmable and can be turned on and off independently from the other chanqnels; it essentially provides three power supplies in one instrument. You can power up both the analog circuitry and the digital circuitry of a printed circuit board or a complete device, all with the same instrument.

All Outputs Are Isolated from Each Other and from Ground

Each output can power a circuit on a different ground reference. The low connection on each output is not connected to any of the other outputs.
That means one supply can test three separate circuits on three different ground references or can power circuits that are transformer or optically isolated from each other. Furthermore, all outputs are not referenced to ground, so the Tektronix 2231A-30-3 can power both floating circuits and grounded circuits.

Power Bipolar Circuits

Because the Tektronix 2231A-30-3’s outputs are isolated, one output can be turned effectively into a negative source by connecting its high terminal to the common reference point of a bipolar circuit. A second output can connect its low terminal to the same common reference point. The result is a positive output and a negative output. If the two 30V channels are used in this configuration, both outputs can be changed at the same time by using the Tektronix 2231A-30-3’s tracking function. That allows varying both channels at the same time while keeping their outputs at identical magnitudes.

Tektronix 2231A-30-3

The Model 2231A-30-3 has three fully independent, programmable outputs that are electrically isolated from each other. This allows them to power circuits that are on different grounds, such as optically isolated circuits.

Supply 60V or 6A

When the application requires outputting more than 30V or 3A, the two 30V channels can be combined to double the output level. Wire the two outputs in series to deliver up to 60V or wire them in parallel to deliver up to 6A. For your convenience, the Tektronix 2231A-30-3 display will read the total output, either voltage or current, to eliminate confusion. Also, the supply controls both outputs to deliver the required voltage or current. There’s no need to set up each channel individually; the supply manages the channels for you, so combining channels is uncomplicated.

Tektronix 2231A-30-3
Wire the two 30V channels in series or parallel to double the output voltage to 60V or the supplied current to 6A. The Tektronix 2231A-30-3 has series and parallel modes that manage the channels and display the total output. This display shows the supply’s parallel mode, including the output voltage and the total current from the channels wired in parallel.

Easily Test, Monitor, and Protect Your Circuits

  • Adjust the outputs with the rotary knob or enter the output values precisely using the keypad with setting resolution of 10mV or 1mA.
  • See the voltage and current readings on all channels at all times; the Tektronix 2231A-30-3’s display shows the readings from all three outputs simultaneously.
  • Protect your DUT with an overvoltage protection setting for each output.
  • Set timers to turn off an output after a programmed time to prevent excess stress on a circuit under development.
  • Store and recall instrument setups for frequently used tests to begin testing quickly. You can store up to 30 unique test setups.

Tektronix 2231A-30-3
Safely power circuits up and down in the proper sequence using the three independently programmable output channels.

Control the Supply and Upload Data to a PC

Use the optional Tektronix 2231A-001 USB Adapter to control the Tektronix 2231A-30-1 via a PC’s USB interface, then transfer readings from the outputs to combine with other test data for a more thorough analysis of DUT performance. The 2231A-001 USB Adapter provides the flexibility to use the supply under either manual or automated control.

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