Svantek SV102A+ Noise Dosimeter

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The SV102A+ is a DUAL-CHANNEL noise dosimeter designed for the accurate measurement of noise exposure to ISO 9612, OSHA and NIOSH standards.

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Svantek SV102A+ Class 1 Dual-Channel Noise Dosimeter

Class 1 SV102A+ Dual Channel Dosimeter is presenting new approach to occupational health and safety acoustic monitoring task. This dosimeter can be also used as a dual-channel class1 sound level meter and real-time 1/1 octave & 1/3 octave analyser. Octave analysis, providing direct data for the design of the ear-protectors, together with audio events recording function show the new reference standard on acoustic dose measurement field. The binaural dose measurement and octave analysis are simultaneously performed by this compact-size instrument. Three acoustic profiles per channel allow parallel measurements with independently defined filters and RMS detector time constants. Advanced time-history logging in each profile, together with spectra saving and Audio Events Recording provide a complete information about the measured signal. Data is stored in large 8 GB memory and can be easily downloaded to any PC using USB interface and Supervisor software.

The small and compact SV 15 preamplifier together with special mounting clip and dedicated headband enables an easy attachment of the microphone in extremely short distance to human ears. Calibration by measurement can be easily performed by direct usage of common acoustic calibrators.

SV102A+ Dual Channel Dosimeter is also able to perform the measurement inside human ear – with the usage of SV 25S – smart microphone with an automatic calibration function (TEDS). The SV 102A together with SV 25S are designed for individual real-world test of the earmuffs noise reduction ratio by means of MIRE technique (Microphone-In-Real-Ear)-measurements under headphones or earmuffs. With a special adapter, SV 25S can be also calibrated with available acoustic calibrators.

Main features:

Mire measurement technique

Microphone in real ear measurements

ISO 11904-1 MIRE (microphone in real ear) measurement takes sound measurements from the ear and performs the one-third octave band analysis. The SV 102A+ can perform such analyses using a special microphone probe SV 25S placed at the entrance of the ear canal. MIRE can be used to measure noise exposure in situations where normal dosimetry methods are inappropriate such as in a telephone call center where the sound comes from headphones. The option of MIRE measurements requires the SV 25S MIRE microphone and 1/3 octave analysis.Svantek SV102A+

Class 1 accuracy

Noise dosimeter and class 1 sound level meter in one device

The meter meets CLASS 1 requirements of IEC 61672 and it can be used when measuring at very low temperatures (from -10 'C) or when noise is dominated by the high frequencies as it is recommended by ISO 9612 hence the sampling rate of SV 102A+ is 48 kHz.

Svantek SV102A+

Dual-channel input

Class 1 measurements with two microphones

Two input channels of SV 102A+ enables possibility of simultaneous usage of two microphones which can be placed on both sides of the human head. With the use of MIRE microphone, it is also possible to place one microphone on the shoulder and the other inside the ear, which is used for verification of attenuation of hearing protectors or various headsets (e.g. military pilots).

Svantek SV102A+

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