Svantek SV 104BIS Noise Dosimeters

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The Svantek SV104 BIS is a new version of an intrinsically safe noise dosimeter with a robust 1/2” patented MEMS microphone. The new microphone has a large dynamic range, auto-calibration feature and TEDS memory that stores the calibration info in the microphone itself. The SV 104 BIS Bluetooth® interface enables current results to be previewed on a smartphone or tablet using our Assistant application. The smartphone application also signals an alarm when the set noise limits are exceeded.

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Svantek SV 104BIS Noise Dosimeters

The Svantek SV 104BIS intrinsically safe dosimeter is a noise dosimeter designed by the ATEX directive and the IECEx performance specifications. The intrinsically safe dosimeter is typically used in occupational noise measurements in areas such as mines and petrochemical plants where it is necessary to secure intrinsic safety. 

The dosimeter is covered by a 3-year warranty and a life-time warranty for the patented MEMS microphone. The intrinsically safe dosimeter uses a new type of docking station for fast data transfer and quick battery recharging. 

The SV 104BIS is the newest version (2022) of an intrinsically safe noise dosimeter. Like its predecessor, the SV 104BIS is a cable-free dosimeter and is typically attached to the user’s shoulder, close to the ear using the mounting clips supplied. 

Among the unique features of the new model, the software is automatic noise dose calculation, sound pressure level logging, audio recording, octave band frequency analysis, and auto-calibration. The new ATEX dosimeter has an 8GB memory and fast data transfer via new docking stations. The new Bluetooth® interface enables previewing current results on a mobile app. 

Svantek SV 104BIS 


Intrinsically safe noise dosimeterSvantek SV 104BIS

ATEX and IECEx certification

Intrinsic safety (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy, electrical and thermal, available for ignition. The SV 104BIS is the IS personal noise dosimeter in accordance to ATEX directive and IECEx certification scheme 


New hardwareSvantek SV 104BIS

patented MEMS microphone and faster data transfer

The new SV 104 BIS is equipped with the new MEMS microphone, which offers a measuring range from 53 dB Leq to 143 dB Peak. The list of addons includes new large 8 GB memory and fast data transmission with a new completely docking stations. 


New firmware

Options for noise sources recognition


The large 8 GB memory enables the SV 104BIS to record 1/1 or 1/3 octave bands in real-time and simultaneous audio recording. The 1/1 octave analysis is often used for the selection of hearing protectors. The 1/3 octave function allows the determination of the influence of high or low frequencies on overall values. Audio recording is synchronized with a noise time-history and it can be opened and played back in PC software enabling noise source recognition


Auto-calibrationSvantek SV 104BIS

automatic start of calibration

We have designed the SV 104BIS to make noise dosimetry measurements easier, once the SV 104BIS detects a calibration signal, it calibrates automatically saving the calibration data together with the measurement fi le, before and after measurement. 

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