SIEPEL MI Multi-Layer Pyramidal Absorber

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  • Matrix: polyether polyurethane foam with 90% open cells
  • Impregnating agents: carbon, binder, fire retardant
  • Colours: black, blue, white, green, red (other colours on request)
  • Paint: plastic coated for class clean rooms.
  • Maximum service temperatures: - 65° C and 160° C
  • Power handling: 0.2 W/cm² maxCW
  • Fire resistance: NRL 8093 (Test 1, 2, 3), ISO 11925-2, DIN 4102 (class B2)

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SIEPEL MI Multi-Layer Pyramidal Absorber

MI is a range of combined absorbers consisting of pyramidal absorbers adapted to low frequencies and one or more layers of absorbers material specific to high frequencies.

MI absorbers are used in anechoic or semi-anechoic chambers. Installations equipped with this cladding conform to the recommendations of standards CISPR, FCC, CEI, ANSI, EN etc. MI absorbers make it possible to guarantee quiet zone in very wide frequency bands.

The MI range is made up of several blocks of polyether polyurethane foam with 90% open cells impregnated with a dielectric solution of carbon, a binder, and a fire retardant.


Absorbers of the MI type can be fixed to all flat surfaces by means of Neoprene glue or of a Velcro fastening system.

Neoprene glue is applied with a brush or a pneumatic pistol to both faces to be glued.