SIEPEL Fire Retardant Properties

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Electromagnetic absorbers are not submitted to any fire reaction standards. However, some building regulation can enforce the use of material with minimum fire reaction properties, for instance in buildings receiving people or hazardous zones. Nevertheless, most of the time, it is a negotiation between the insured and the insurer (the balance between the cost of the device against fire and the insurance).

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SIEPEL Fire Retardant Properties

The European harmonization related to fire reaction is implemented. Today, only a few products (which have a “product standard”) are taken into account (thermal isolation products for example). The European Directive is only applicable for the construction material. Fitted furniture are not included in the Euroclass system (curtains, furniture, etc…). Today all the construction material are not submitted to a product standard (most of them) and the furniture products are submitted to national standards.


 PAINTDIN 4102ISO 11925-2UL94

NRL 8093

Class B2Euroclass EClass HBFTests 1, 2 and 3
Black absorber (no paint)CompliantCompliantCompliantCompliant
Aqueous paintCompliantCompliantCompliantCompliant
Plastic paintCompliantCompliantCompliantCompliant