SIEPEL EMC Reverberation Chambers

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  • High fields (CW or pulse modulated) can be achieved with a reduced input power
  • Isotropic illumination of EUT (from all directions and polarizations)
  • Optimized investment cost as compared with achievable fields: shielded room + stirrer (no electromagnetic absorbers)
  • The modular structure easily allows to upgrade, dismantle, move and/or rebuild the reverberation chamber without deterioration
  • All components of the reverberation chamber are designed and manufactured in our production site (France), this enables us to react swiftly
  • Commitment on field levels, based on the applicable standard and the equipment under test (EUT)
  • A unique mode stirrer, designed to maximize the dimensions of the working area
  • Engineering capabilities for the design of the required test system and supply of a global offer including antennas, amplifiers … as well as software and training

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SIEPEL EMC Reverberation Chambers

A reverberation chamber (MSRC) is a metallic cavity fitted with a mode stirrer; the resonances of the cavity are modified in a random fashion by mode stirring in order to obtain a field that is considered statistically uniform. Reverberation chambers allow to produce high fields, up to several hundreds or thousands of V/m, with optimized input power. They illuminate the equipment under test (EUT) with isotropic radiation.


The mode stirrer, as it rotates, modifies the distribution of the electromagnetic fields. The stirring can be performed electronically or mechanically by a metallic paddle with a complex shape and large dimensions relatively to the size of the chamber.

The electromagnetic environment created by the mode-stirring is statistically isotropic and homogeneous (as defined by the standards) over a full rotation of the stirrer.

As a multi-mode resonant cavity, MSRC allows to obtain high field strength.


Reverberation chambers make it possible to operate immunity and emission tests in compliance with all international EMC standards on a wide range of frequencies (from a few MHz to 18/40 GHz).
RTCA DO 160AERONAUTICSEOLE 80 / 200 / 400 / 1000
MIL-STD-461MILITARYEOLE 80 / 200 / 400 / 1000
IEC EN61000-4-21AUTOMOTIVEEOLE 80 / 200 / 400
IEC EN61000-4-21CIVILEOLE 80 / 200 / 400

Depending on the expected performances and the frequency range of operation, the internal walls of an MSRC can be made of steel or aluminium.

Based on its know-how, extensive research and modelling as well as feedback, SIEPEL is in the only supplier capable of modelling, manufacturing the shielded room and the stirrer as well as committing on minimum guaranteed field levels.


SIEPEL provides complete test system inclusive of Reverb Chamber, software, RF instrumentation (amplifiers, antennas …), on-site set-up and user training.

Based on the customer inputs (applicable standard, LUF, EUT dimensions, available instrumentation), SIEPEL can define the test facility as a whole and determine the required output power of the amplifiers, taking into account the losses from coaxial cables, harmonic filters, etc.


The key element when performing EMC tests in Reverb Chamber is the use of a proper software package.

SIEPEL offers the most user-friendly, comprehensive solution, which has been approved and used by many international labs. It integrates various modules that enable, among other, to perform following tests:
  • Radiated immunity measurements in reverb chamber (EMS/CHR)
  • Emission measurements in reverb chamber (EMI)

This software allows to carry out full-compliance measurements in reverb chambers according to EN61000-4-21, RTCA DO 160, MIL STD standards as well as for custom applications.