SIEPEL Absorber EMC Hybrid Pyramidal Absorber HY & HYT

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  • Suitable for EMC anechoic chambers
  • Broadband frequency range 30 MHz – 40 GHz
  • Performance levels guaranteed for 20 years
  • Unique plastic paint for pyramidal foam absorbers
  • Innovative, flexible installation system for ferrite panels ➢ Can be installed to upgrade existing shielded rooms ➢ It also exist a HY truncated version ( Ref : HYT)

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SIEPEL Absorber EMC Hybrid Pyramidal Absorber HY & HYT

HY hybrid absorbers provides broadband performances (30 MHz to 40 GHz). They are made of a combination of ferrite tiles performant in the upper frequency range (for frequency up to 1 GHz) and specific pyramidals absorbers (for frequencies from 1GHz).

HY absorbers are used in EMC anechoic chambers for EMI and EMS testing according to both commercial and military standards.


The key design advantage of HY hybrid absorbers is the impedance matching between the ferrite tiles and the pyramidal-shaped absorbers glued over the ferrite.

SIEPEL ferrite panels provide optimized reflectivity performances in the frequency range 30 MHz–1 GHz* and in order to extend the performances up to 40 GHz, an immediate and simple idea would be to glue a regular pyramidal absorber on top of the ferrite. However, some care should be taken so that the pyramidal absorber doesn’t “hide” the ferrite.

In other words the pyramidal absorber must be “transparent” enough to low frequency waves, so that they can be absorbed by the ferrite in an efficient way.

Thus, SIEPEL have developed a special matched pyramidal absorber, impregnated with a specially formulated carbon solution (different from regular APM pyramidal absorbers). This provides the combination ferrite + matched pyramidal absorber with high performance over the whole frequency range 30 MHz – 40 GHz.


These reflectivity performances are outstanding and guaranteed for 20 years. They are based on extensive in electromagnetic absorbers manufacturing. Their reflectivity performances are factory checked, using cutting-edge broadband equipment (14 m long coaxial line with a 1.83 x 1.83 m section, fully anechoic chamber with optimised design, VNA). In addition, we offer to perform reflectivity measurements in our factory with SIEPEL engineers, for the customer.

The carbon load of the HYT and HYT+ are slightly different. HYT are used for commercial standard (CISPR16-1-4). HYT+ can be used in Automotive and Military chambers.