RaditeqRadiField Triple A Field Generator

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Raditeq RadiField Triple A The patented RadiField Triple A is no less than a revolution in EMC immunity testing. A complete paradigm shift involves a combination of high level integration and a field combining technique, making several discrete components like combiner, coupler, power meters and cabling superfluous.

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Raditeq RadiField Triple A Field Generator


Conventional immunity testing setups involve an amplifier, including combiner, coupler, two RF power meters and interconnecting cables. The efficiency of such setup is low due to power loss in the combiner, internal and external cabling.

High level of integration

By integrating all these components to one single instrument all these unwanted power losses are reduced to zero. The single cable, running from the RadiCentre® to the RadiField® is used to drive the unit with an RF signal, to power the unit and to provide bidirectional communication with the unit. The low power RF signal is transmitted in a lossless fashion over this cable.

Broad range

The RadiField® Triple A® approach covers frequencies ranging from 80 MHz till 18 GHz , reaching homogeneous fields up to 600 V/m! Another advantage is the opportunity to upgrade your system to higher field levels.

From now on, forget about Power it's all about Field!