PONTIS EMC Con4 Modular Controller

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  • For regular demands in SD
  • Mid range
  • For max 4 Cameras
  • Additional features possible: Audio, LAN, DVR/NVRor ICT/WDR/LTE in case of difficult light conditions

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PONTIS EMC Con4 Modular Controller

The regular controller of series Con4 allows the remote control of maximum four SD cameras (zoom, focus, pan, tilt) and the remote control of one audio channel. All transmitted signals, control, video and audio are transmitted via fibre optic cables. The video signal is FBAS from camera to display.

By our modular concept external devices like DVR /NVR can be connected to control the cameras also via LAN resp. via the DVR / NVR‘s software if PELCO-D protocol is supported as well as to record videos.

Beyond that PONTIS‘ audio satellites can be connected to communicate uni- or bi-directionally.

In case of difficult light conditions (be it a EUT with display, obscurity, dark <=> bright close to each other,) a special SW to manually control the aperture of the Iris can be integrated into the controller.


  • For PONTIS EMC SD cameras (Cam5 / Cam8)
  • Fibre optic transmission of video and control signals
  • Support of up to 4 cameras per controller
  • Manual control of cameras Pan-Tilt and Zoom via Front keypad with self explaining buttons
  • FBAS video signals
  • Compact housing: Desktop or Rack version (2 or 3 HU x 450 x 370 mm)



  • 1 x SD Camera with Powersupply and Fibre optic cables


  • Audio integration into Controller
  • DVR : via external DVR (digital video recorder)
  • LAN: via external NVR (network video receiver)
  • ICT: integration of SW for difficult light conditions Manual Iris control (aperture control / F-Stop), Wide dynamic range WDR , Long Time Exposure LTE
  • Monitor: VGA or DVI
  • Joystick