Keithley 6485 Picoammeter

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  • Current Range - 2nA - 20mA
  • Number of Channels - 1
  • PC Interface - GPIB, RS-232

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The cost-effective 5½-digit Model 6485 Picoammeter can measure currents from 10fA to 20mA, at speeds up to 1000 readings per second. The Model 6487 Picoammeter/Voltage provides higher accuracy and faster rise times than the 6485, a 500V source, and a damping function for use with capacitive devices. The Model 6482 Dual-Channel Picoammeter/Voltage Source offers higher measurement resolution than the Model 6485 or Model 6487 and dual, independent 30V voltage bias sources.



Current resolution as low as 1fA (6482)Allows measuring ultra-low leakage currents in components, dark currents in optical devices, and beam currents in microscopy instrumentation.
Burden voltage as low as 200μVAllows making current measurements with high accuracy, even in circuits with very low source voltages.
Dual-channel measurements (6482)Simplifies analyzing multi-channel devices, monitoring currents in multiple locations on materials, and recording data from multiple sensors at once.
Choose from 0, 1, or 2 built-in voltage sourcesEnsures you can find the voltage bias capabilities your application demands. Perform insulation resistance testing with the 500V source in the Model 6487 Picoammeter /Voltage Source.
Built-in analog outputsAllows transmitting measurement results to devices like DMMs, data acquisition boards, oscilloscopes, or strip chart recorders for signal response and trend analysis.
Measure currents up to 20mASupports measuring currents high enough for applications such as measuring 4-20mA sensor loops.
Up to 1,000 readings per secondOffers the high throughput production testing demands.
Built-in Trigger Link interfaceSimplifies synchronizing with other instruments and voltage sources by combining six independent selectable trigger lines on a single connector for simple, direct control over all instruments in a system.


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