Keithley 2750/E Data Acquisition

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Measurements, Switching, and Data Acquisition - —All in One BoxEach Series 2700 system combines precision measurement, switching, and control in a tightly integrated enclosure for either rack-mount or bench-top applications. Although the core functionality and programming of all three systems are identical, each mainframe has unique capabilities. For example, the Model 2701 provides a 10/100BaseTX Ethernet interface, and the Model 2750 offers extended low ohms measurement capability. All models are compatible with the same line of plug-in multiplexer, matrix, or control modules.

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Keithley 2750 Data Acquisition

There are three Integra systems: the Model 2700, 2701, and 2750. Each consists of a mainframe and a growing line of plug-in switch/control modules. The Model 2700 and 2701 each include two slots for the plug-in modules; the Model 2750 has five slots. Each slot can support a series of multiplexer, matrix, or control modules, and all the modules in a system operate simultaneously. Input modules can be mixed or matched to provide a broad range of measurement, acquisition, and control capabilities.

Switch/Control Module Capabilities
The flexibility to mix and match switch/control modules in a single mainframe simplifies configuring Integra Series-based systems for a wide range of applications. Each module offers a different combination of capabilities, such as number of channels, speed, etc. Before selecting a module, it is critical to analyze the needs of the application carefully and consider future requirements for expansion.