Keithley 2502 Series Optical Power Measurements

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Keithley instrumentation makes it easy to build a LIV (light-current-voltage) system to test laser diode modules cost-effectively.
  • Fiber Alignment Photodiode Meter 2502: High speed analog output enables LIV testing at the fiber alignment stage.
  • Pulse Laser Diode Test System with optional Integrating Sphere 2520/KIT1: Synchronizing test system providing sourcing and measurement capability for pulsed and continuous LIV test.
  • TEC SourceMeter SMUs, 2510 and 2510-AT: Ensure tight temperature control for laser diode modules by controlling its thermo-electric cooler.

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Keithley 2502 Series Optical Power Measurements

The Model 2502 Dual-Channel Picoammeter provides two independent picoammeter-voltage source channels for a wide range of low level measurement applications including laser diode testing. The Model 2502 is also designed to increase the throughput of Keithley’s LIV (lightcurrent-voltage) test system for production testing of laser diode modules (LDMs). Developed in close cooperation with leading manufacturers of LDMs for fiberoptic telecommunication networks, this dual-channel instrument has features that make it easy to synchronize with other system elements for tight control over optical power measurements.


The Model 2502 features a high speed analog output that allows using the LIV test system at the fiber alignment stage of the LDM manufacturing process. Through the use of buffer memory and a Trigger Link interface that’s unique to Keithley instruments, the Model 2502 can offer the fastest throughput available today for LIV testing of laser diode modules. These instruments are ruggedly engineered to meet the reliability and repeatability demands of continuous operation in round-the-clock production environments. 



Active temperature controlPrevents temperature variations that could cause the laser diode’s dominant output wavelength to change, leading to signal overlap and crosstalk problems.
50W TEC ControllerAllows for higher testing speeds and a wider temperature setpoint range than other, lower-power solutions.
Fully digital P-I-D controlProvides greater temperature stability and can be easily upgraded with a simple firmware change.
Autotuning capability for the thermal control loop (2510-AT)Eliminates the need to use trial-and-error experimentation to determine the best combination of P, I, and D coefficients.
Wide temperature setpoint range (–50°C to +225°C) and high setpoint resolution (±0.001°C) and stability (±0.005°C)Covers most of the test requirements for production testing of cooled optical components and sub-assemblies.
Compatible with a variety of temperature sensor inputs—thermistors, RTDs, and IC sensorsWorks with the types of temperature sensors most commonly used in a wide range of laser diode modules.
AC Ohms measurement functionVerifies the integrity of the TEC device.
4-wire open/short lead detection for thermal feedback elementEliminates lead resistance errors on the measured value, reducing the possibility of false failures or device damage.