Keithley 2260B series 360W/720W/1080 DC Power Supplies

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  • Programmable voltage or current rise and fall times from 0.1V/s to 1600V/s or 0.01A/s to 216A/s (model dependent)
  • Constant current priority setting
  • Programmable output resistance
  • Analog input control
  • Internal test sequence mode
  • Series or parallel configurable
  • Fast discharge capability and 1ms transient recovery time to load changes
  • Fit six 360W, three 720W, or two 1080W units in a standard rack width

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Keithley 2260B series 360W/720W/1080 DC Power Supplies

Source a wide range of voltages and currents with the 360W, 720W, or 1080W Series 2260B Programmable DC Power Supplies. The 360W versions can output current of 36A, 13.5A, 4.5A, or 1.44A; the 720W models can output 72A, 27A, 9A, or 2.88A; and the 1080W instruments can output 108A, 40.5A, 13.5A or 4.32A. This wide range of output voltages and current, combined with multiple interface choices, makes the Series 2260B ideal for use in a wide range of applications, including research and design, quality control, and production test.