EM TEST MPG200S20 Automotive µpulse Generator

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MPG200S20 Calibration set for automotive transients
  • One single load resistor box
  • Includes all required load resistor values
  • Highly accurate resistors (+/-1%)
  • High temperature stability
  • Resistors with very low inductance

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EM TEST MPG200S20 Automotive Micropulse Generator

Micropulses occur on the battery supply system when an inductive load is disconnected from the DC supply. These pulses are of a medium energy content having a rise time in the low microsecond range and a duration of several tenth or hundreds/thousands of microseconds. Their polarity depends on whether the inductive load is of a passive (e.g. a heater) or an active type (e.g. a DC motor).
The MPG 200S20 has a built-in battery switch to interrupt the DC supply voltage as required by the standards. It is designed to generate pulses 1b and 6 as per GOST standard 28751-90 as well as pulse 6 as per ISO 7637-1:1990.