EM TEST NX5-series Coupling Network

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Combined 3-phase coupling/decoupling networks for Burst and Surge testing up to 5.5 kV
  • Automatic coupler for Burst and Surge
  • Model with range selection 32, 63, 125 and 200 A
  • Meet requirements for 3x690 VAC and 1,000 VDC
  • LEDs indicate active mode and coupling
  • Automatic selection of Surge impedance

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EM TEST NX5-series Coupling/decoupling networks for EFT/burst and Surge

The three-phase coupling/decoupling networks of the coupling NX series are used to couple EFT/Burst pulses and Surge pulses on DC-lines or to three-phase (4-wire or 5-wire) mains supply systems for voltages up to 1,000 VDC / 3 x 690 VAC. This includes the more and more common testing of inverters used in the area of renewable energies (e.g. photovoltaic systems, wind power stations, electric cars).
Full compliance over a wide range of EUT current, within 16A , 32 A, 63 A, 125 A and 200 A settings. Higher current ratings on request.