EM TEST AMP200N DC Signal Source

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AMP200N low frequency signal source DC (0Hz) to 250kHz
  • Built-in DDS to generate sinusoidal signals up to 250kHz
  • Built-in LF amplifier, 250W
  • Output voltage max. 140V p-p, 50V rms
  • Output current max. 5A rms
  • Programmable DC voltage offset

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EM TEST AMP200N DC Signal Source

AMP200N - Low-frequency signal source for supply simulation and magnetic field testing

The AMP 200N has been designed as a low-frequency signal source to generate sinusoidal signals used to simulate ripple noise and ground shift noise as required by a variety of standards in the automotive industry e.g. as per Ford EMC-CS-2009.1, CI 210 and CI 250 as well as RI 150. The AMP 200N is controlled by the EM TEST Autowave to also allow the generation of non-sinusoidal and customised signals. Additionally, the AMP 200N can be used to generate magnetic fields by means of a radiation loop or small Helmholtz coils as per RI 140 of Ford EMC-CS-2009.1.