Raditeq RadiMation EMC Test Software

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Raditeq RadiMation - The Automated EMC Test Software Solution EMC test software RadiMation® from Raditeq Instruments combines Immunity and Emission testing, radiated as well as conducted tests, in one integrated package for use throughout the EMC test facility.

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Raditeq RadiMation EMC Test Software

RadiMation - The Automated EMC Test Software Solution

Instead of automizing just a few (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) EMC tests, the user of the RadiMation® EMC test software can perform complete tests.

RadiMation® EMC software is working closely with EMC-accredited laboratories. The heart of this package is a closed loop system which is optimized so that measurements can be performed quickly and accurately. This package supports any brand of EMC test equipment, all standards such as civil, automotive, military, aerospace and the test results can be easily exported. Tests are performed regularly, can be defined and implemented in series without the intervention of an engineer. All these properties together with the control of the device under test (EUT) and the automatic generation of a fully automated EMC test report is a reality.

Running EMC tests can be a time consuming process. Therefore, in the RadiMation® EMC test software package control of test instruments is optimized to the level where the dwell time at each frequency point become the only limiting factor. Tests regularly used, can be stored in a so-called technical set-up file (TSF), which directly refers to the applicable standard. This prevents the test engineers need to set settings again and again, it reduces errors and makes it possible battery of tests.

The test set-up files can be done in series (sequences) so that all tests without an engineer can take place. Sequences can be stored for future use. Furthermore, the information has to be inserted only once in RadiMation® EMC software which increases the rate and reduces the chance of errors.