Raditeq RadiCentre EMC Test System

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Raditeq RadiCentre In order to enable full automated EMC testing, these devices and measuring instruments, should be controlled in an automated manner. Where the EMC test software RadiMation® acts as the software centre of the EMC system; the EMC test system RadiCentre® is the core of the hardware. With the introduction of the RadiCentre® by Raditeq Instruments, cost effective, full automated testing finally becomes reality!

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Raditeq RadiCentre EMC Test System


To enable full automated EMC testing for small and large measuring systems the RadiCentre® EMC test system provides either one, two or seven versatile slots. Each slot can be individually configured at the user's choice. The different available plug-in cards can be combined as desired, allowing any combination of functionality.


The RadiCentre® EMC test system is expandable with a number of different cards. The following cards are now available:

RadiSense® - LASER-powered EM field sensors from 10 kHz to 18 GHz
RadiLink® - RF analog fiber optic link up to 3 GHz
RadiMate® - Four channel A / D and D / A for EUT monitoring
RadiPower® - RF (CW/Burst) power meter for EMC applications
RadiGen® - EMC RF signal generators from 9 kHz to 6 GHz
RadiSwitch® - Two to four channels to switch to 40 GHz/ 700W
RadiControl® - Controller for turntable and/or atenna tower
RadiField® - Unique cost effective field generator