EM TEST CNV508N4 Coupling Network

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Coupling/decoupling networks for 4 pairs/8 lines as per IEC 60255-26
  • Selection of all coupling modes as per IEC 60255-26
  • Remote controlled by the OCS 500N6 / N6F
  • Coupling capacitor 0.5uF
  • Decoupling inductor >1.5mH per line
  • Nominal line voltage max. 250V AC/DC

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EM TEST CNV508N4 Coupling/Decoupling networks for testing measuring relays and protection equipment

The CNV508N4 series are special coupling/decoupling networks being used to perform "Electrical disturbance tests for measuring relays and protection equipment" in accordance to IEC 60255-26. A capacitance of 0.5uF is specified to couple the pulses on to the lines.

Each line has a decoupling inductor of >1.5mH to protect the auxiliary equipment from being subjected to the test pulse. The disturbance signal used for this test is a damped oscillatory pulse with a frequency of 1MHz, generated by the EM TEST OCS 500N6 or OCS 500N6F generators.