Chroma 19055 Hipot Analyzer

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Key Features:
  • 500VA output power
  • Floating output complies with EN50191
  • Corona Discharge Detection (CDD, 19055-C only)
  • Flashover Detection
  • Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Analysis
  • High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC)
  • Open Short Check (OSC)
  • Ground Fault Interrupt
  • Standard RS-232 & HANDLER interface
  • Optional GPIB interface
  • Key lock when fail
  • Programmable voltage & test limit
  • Support for the A190301 8HV Scanning Box
  • Hipot- AC 5kV/100mA- DC 6kV/25mA
  • Insulation- 5kVmax- 1MΩ~50GΩ

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Chroma 19055 Hipot Analyzer

The Chroma 19055 Series Hipot Analyzer is designed for Hipot test and analysis. It has a maximum output power of 500VA, a maximum AC output of 5kV/100mA, and Floating output for EN50191 requirements. (Please refer to the application notes for more detail information.)

The 19055-C includes ACW/DCW/IR tests, but also has a new measurement technology; Corona Discharge Detect ion (CDD). In addition, the Breakdown Voltage (BDV) Analysis can detect faults as follows;
- Corona discharge Start Voltage (CSV)
- Flashover Start Voltage (FSV)
- Breakdown Voltage (BDV)

The Chroma 19055 series also has both High Frequency Contact Check (HFCC) and Open Short Check (OSC) functionality. This increases the test reliability and efficiency significantly through application of the contact check during the Hipot test.

The Chroma 19055 series is equipped with a large LCD screen which is convenient for the user to operate and judge. In addition, a GFI human protection circuit and Floating output design prevents exposing users to electrical hazards.