Audio Precision SWR-2755B-U Unbalanced Switcher

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Variations: SWR-2755B-M

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  • Max Voltage Rating: 42.4 Vpk, 30 Vrms
  • Max Signal Power: 5 W or 200 mA
  • Crosstalk
    Balanced 600 ohm load
    –151 dB @ 20 kHz
    –140 dB @ 100 kHz
    Unbalanced 600 ohm load
    –140 dB @ 20 kHz
    –128 dB @ 100 kHz
  • Series Resistance: Typically <0.3 Ω per side
  • Shunt Capacitance: Typically <100 pF, from signal path to chassis (100 nF from BNC shell to chassis on U versions)
  • Reverse Termination: 604 Ω, 250 mW maximum

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Expanding the channel input and output capabilities of two-channel analyzers

Audio Precision offers three models of the SWR-2755B audio switchers, which expand the input and output capabilities of Audio Precision two-channel audio analyzers, including the APx555, APx525, and 2700 series. (Also compatible with ATS-2, System Two and System One instruments.)

SWR-2755B switchers replace both the SWR-2755 and SWR-2122 switcher product series, each of which has been discontinued. The B Series SWR-2755 switchers are entirely compatible with our current analyzers and offer better performance at a lower price. The SWR-2755B may be used interchangeably with SWR-2755 legacy switchers. They also may be used with any discontinued analyzers that originally specified the SWR-2122 or SWR-122 switchers.

Built with the same feature set and solid integrity of the SWR-2122, the SWR-2755B series bring significantly lower crosstalk (18 dB better in an unbalanced 600 Ω load; 10 dB better in a balanced 600 Ω load), a universal power supply that automatically adjusts to all line voltages, a convenient rear-panel ground lug and full EMC and safety regulatory compliance.



  • 12 x 2 configuration
  • Can be used as either an input or output switcher (by dip switch on rear panel)
  • Up to 16 units can be cascaded to allow up to 192 channels to be accessed
  • Floating BNC connectors for unbalanced signals prevent ground loops


  • Input and output configurations enable switching of generator outputs or analyzer inputs, or both.
  • Balanced and unbalanced configurations are available.
  • LEDs indicate the on or off status of each channel.
  • Multiple switchers can be connected to an Audio Precision analyzer, expanding the system capability to as many as 192 inputs and outputs.
  • Low inter-channel crosstalk, less than –150 dB at 20 kHz in the balanced configurations.
  • All switchers are one rack unit (RU) high (1.75″). Switchers can be used on the bench or rack mounted with an optional rack mount adapter kit.


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