Audio Precision APx52xB Audio Analyzer

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APx525B Series Modular, Two- and four Channel Performance Audio Analyzers The ideal balance of analog performance and breadth of digital I/O.

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Audio Precision APx52xB Audio Analyzer

The APx525B is a two channel audio analyzer for R&D engineers and production technicians who want fast and easy audio test, but who may not need the ultra-high performance of AP's APx555 nor require the multichannel capability of the APx585.

Versatility in I/O
APx525B has two balanced and two unbalanced analog inputs and outputs plus 216k digital inputs and outputs via AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF. APx526B is the four channel version of the APx525B, developed for the 4 channel head units typical of the automotive audio industry.

Additionally, I/O may be expanded with optional Digital Serial (APx525B and APx526B), HDMI + ARC (APx525B), PDM (APx525B and APx526B) and Bluetooth (APx525B and APx526B) modules. Additionally, the optional Advanced Master Clock (AMC) module handles input and output clock signals to synchronize the APx52xB Series with external equipment (or vice versa), and the AMC also enables jitter generation and analysis (in conjunction with Advanced Digital, Digital Serial or PDM modules).