Anritsu MS27101A Remote Spectrum Monitor

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  • 9 kHz to 6 GHz
  • Sweep speed up to 24 GHz/s
  • Integrated web server to view, control and conduct measurements via web browser
  • Hardware watchdog timer to insure long-term stability for remotely deployed monitors
  • Low spur levels for accurate signal discovery
  • 20 MHz instantaneous FFT bandwidth

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Anritsu MS27101A Remote Spectrum Monitor

The Anritsu MS27101A is a RSM which is a small half-rack receiver which can be deployed 100s or 1000s of km from the control center. It is an ideal solution for spectrum monitoring.

Anritsu offers three models of remote spectrum monitoring products, designed to both mitigate interference problems and to identify illegal or unlicensed signal activity.

The Anritsu MS27101A is housed in a ½ rack enclosure with 1U height, designed exclusively for indoor applications. Anritsu MS27102A is an IP67 rated device which operates outdoors, with the ability to be mounted on poles or walls (using the included mounting bracket). Anritsu MS27103A is a multi-port spectrum monitor (12 RF In ports or optionally 24 RF In ports) which is ideal for cellular, DAS and other applications requiring the use of multiple antennas.

In-Building Coverage Mapper

  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 6 GHz, maximum 6 channel per walk-through
  • Location tracking uses a wearable tracking device, so no GPS signal is needed
  • Easy floorplan import function uses simple floorplan photos
  • NEON Command software display results of entire walk-through in both 2D and 3D
  • Battery pack for up to 4 hours of coverage mapping
  • Light, stylish backpack for both convenience and unobtrusive scanning in public areas
  • Accepts all antennas sold by Anritsu (see Anritsu Antenna Catalog for more information)
  • The bundle includes:
      • Remote Spectrum Monitor MS27101A
      • NEON Tracking Unit
      • NEON Signal Mapper application for tracking and NEON Command software for capturing and displaying results
      • Battery pack with up to 4 hour life
      • Wireless router for tracking device and spectrum analyzer communication
      • Custom foam to house all components inside backpack and protect them during walkthroughs and transportation
      • Backpack
    Note: The solution also requires an Android device and Windows PC, which are not included as part of the solution.

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