Aim-TTi QPX1200S Power Supply 1200W 'PowerFlex' Max 60V or 50A

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  • Wide range of voltage/current combinations
  • Up to 80V and up to 50A within the same power envelope
  • Low output ripple and noise of <3mV rms at full power
  • High setting resolution of 1mV
  • Analogue control interfaces for voltage and current
  • Bench or rack mounting, front and rear terminals

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Aim-TTi QPX1200S Power Supply 1200W 'PowerFlex' Max 60V or 50A

The Aim-TTi QPX1200S is a single output laboratory DC power supply with a maximum output power of 1200 watts. It is suited to both bench-top and system applications.

QPX series laboratory power supplies are designed to provide flexibility in the choice of voltage and current so as to meet multiple diverse applications. Voltages up to 80V and currents up to 50A are available within a defined power envelope. Unlike most power supplies of this power level, the QPX series is well suited to bench top applications in addition to system use.


A conventional PSU has a fixed current limit giving a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage. The Aim-TTi PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ regulation systems enable higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. For PowerFlex+ models the output can provide more than six times the current of a conventional PSU of the same maximum voltage and power. For PowerFlex models the increase is three times.


PowerFlex and PowerFlex+ use either a balanced multi-phase converter system or linear final regulation to minimise ripple and improve dynamic performance. This provides unusually low noise for the power level coupled with good transient response.


When measuring rapidly varying loads it can become difficult to get accurate readings from the current meter. By selecting meter averaging, the reading is stabilised by averaging the last four readings to reduce the speed and extent of the variation.


The meter for each output can be set to show the equivalent resistance of the load by displaying voltage divided by current. This function enables low resistance measurements to be made at high currents by using the remote sense terminals to create a four terminal connection. This gives more reliable results for certain component types, such as magnetics, which operate at ampere levels.


The meter for each output can be set to show the total power currently being provided to the load (V x A) to a resolution of 0.1 watts. The power is shown in addition to the voltage and current values

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