Aim-TTi QL564T Dual QL564 plus 56V/4A

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  • Advanced dc power supplies, single or triple output
  • Up to 112 watts per output
  • Very high precision, very low noise, excellent dynamics
  • Advanced user interface with numeric and rotary control
  • Multiple voltage/current ranges for increased flexibility
  • Multiple non-volatile memories for power supply set-ups
  • Switchable remote sense provides perfect load regulation
  • Comprehensive protection including OVP and OCP trips
  • Compact bench footprint; modular width for rack mounting
  • Auxiliary output fully variable 1.00V to 6.00V at 3A with selectable voltage and current metering (T models)
  • LAN interface is LXI compliant

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Aim-TTi QL564T Dual QL564 plus 56V/4A

The Aim-TTi QL564T is a Bench/System Precision Linear Regulated DC Power Supply with 2 x 56V/2A or 25V/4A plus 1-6V/3A

The QL Series II is the latest and highest performance linear regulated power supply series from TTi.

Single and triple output models are available. Each model can be specified with or without digital remote control interfaces.

Each main output provides more than 100 watts of power, and dual range capability offers higher currents at lower voltages.

New features include an enhanced auxiliary output with fully variable voltage and higher current capability on T models, and an LXI compliant LAN interface on all P models.

Building upon success

The original QL series re-defined the laboratory power supply in terms of precision and performance. Now the QL Series II builds upon that success and adds new features and models

Exceptional precision

The QL series offers an unparalleled level of precision. Voltage and current are controlled using instrumentation quality 16 bit DACs enabling voltages to be set to 1mV resolution even at full output voltage. Indeed, the accuracy is sufficient for the QL to be used as a calibration source for some hand-held DMMs.

Multiple ranges for greater flexibility

The QL series II provides multiple ranges for increased current capability at lower voltages. The QL564, for example, is a 112W PSU with three ranges. The main range offers 0 to 56 volts at up to 2 amps. The higher current range provides up to 4 amps for voltages up to 25V. A further low current range provides an enhanced current setting and measurement resolution of 0.1mA.

Unrivalled performance

The QL series uses pure linear technology and offers unrivalled performance in terms of regulation, output noise and dynamics. Line and load regulation are close to the limit of measurement. Recovery time from transient current pulses is better than 50µs. Differential output noise is less than 350µV rms in CV mode and down to 20µA rms in CI mode. Of equal importance for critical applications in areas such as telecoms is common mode noise current (the noise current flowing between the output terminals and ground). This is less than 4µA rms on the QL Series - dramatically better than most other PSUs.

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