Aim-TTi PL303QMT-P Power Supply Triple 0-30V/0-3A,0-6V/0-8A

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  • Single, dual or triple output models
  • Models from 6V/8A up to 60V/1.5A
  • Linear regulation - for the best performance
  • Ultra-compact design - uses up less space
  • True Analogue controls - for ease of use
  • S-Lock function - instantly lock settings
  • V-Span function - customize the voltage range
  • Low current range and current meter averaging
  • DC output switches and "view limits" button
  • Selectable remote sense terminals
  • Independent, Isolated Tracking, Ratio Tracking  and True Parallel modes on dual & triple models
  • High current low voltage output on triple output model

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Aim-TTi PL303QMT-P Power Supply Triple 0-30V/0-3A,0-6V/0-8A

  • The Aim-TTi PL303QMT-P is a triple output models build upon the success of the PL303QMD and also offer an enhanced replacement for users of the PL330QMT from the previous PL series. The PL303QMT has identical features to the PL303QMD but has a full performance third output with specifications as per the PL068 detailed above. The size is ¾-rack, so that one triple plus one single could be accommodated within a standard rack width.

    Building on the success of a winning formula

    In the 1980s the original PL series transformed customer expectations of the bench power supply and set a format that has been extensively copied by other manufacturers. Over the years, the PL series has been steadily revised and extended. Hundreds of thousands of PL series units are currently in use across the world and it remains the laboratory power supply of choice for many organisations. TTi has been at the forefront of laboratory power supply design for around thirty years during which it has re-defined the state-of-the-art for switch mode products with its innovative Mixed-mode and PowerFlex regulator designs. Continuing development of linear models has generated the lower cost EL series, and the advanced QL series. However, demand for the PL series has remained strong - demonstrating how well it has met the needs of its many customers. Now TTi has engineered an all-new design which retains all the key features of the original PL series, but combines them with new and important features. For more information: Aim-TTI PL Series