Aim-TTi MX100QP Power Supply

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  • Three or four high performance outputs of 105 watts each 3 x (0 to 35V at 0 to 3A) or 4 x (0 to 35V at 0 to 3A)
  • Total power of 315 or 420 watts in a compact package
  • Range switching gives up to 70 volts and up to 6 amps
  • Many range combinations for maximum flexibility
  • Up to 210 watts from a single output
  • RS-232, USB and LAN (LXI) interfaces (MX100QP) - GPIB (IEEE-488) optional

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Aim-TTi MX100QP Power Supply

The Aim-TTi MX100QP has four independent outputs, each capable of 105W. Each output features simultaneous high resolution metering, switchable remote sense, and an individual output switch.

Mixed-mode regulation

To provide its impressive power density the MX series combines high frequency switch-mode pre-regulation with linear post-regulation to offer performance that comes close to that of an all-linear design.

Excellent line and load regulation is matched by low noise and good transient response.

Range switching and power control

To increase its ability to match a variety of applications, each output has more than one range.

Outputs 1 and 2 can provide either 35V/3A or 16V/6A. Outputs 3 and 4 can provide either 35V/3A or 70V/1.5A

When higher power is required, outputs one and two can be combined internally to provide up to 210 watts at 35V/6A, or outputs 3 and 4 can be combined to give 210W 70V/3A.

Remote control for system applications

The MX100QP incorporates USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces and GPIB (IEEE-488) is available as an option.

These provide full remote control and read-back capabilities and are supported by an IVI driver for high level language applications.

Duplicate power and sense terminals are incorporated at the rear.

The compact ¾-rack 3U case uses front input ventilation which enables vertical and horizontal stacking without the need for additional ventilation space.

A 3U rack mount suitable for a single unit with a ¼ width blanking panel is available.

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