Aim-TTi LDH400P DC 400W, 500V, 16A Electronic Load

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  • Versatile solution for direct testing of dc power sources and PFCs
  • Constant current, resistance, conductance and power modes
  • Wide voltage and current range, 10 to 500V and 0 to 16A
  • 400 watts continuous dissipation at 28°C (360W at 40°C)
  • High resolution and accuracy for level setting
  • Built-in transient generator with variable slew
  • Current monitor output for waveform viewing
  • Variable drop-out voltage for battery testing
  • High resolution backlit graphic LCD with soft key control
  • Analogue remote control of levels and TTL control of on/off and transient switching
  • Front and rear input terminals
  • Load inputs rated to CAT II (300V)
  • Full bus control via USB, RS232 and LXI compliant LAN interfaces
  • GPIB Option

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Aim-TTi LDH400P DC 400W, 500V, 16A Electronic Load


The Aim-TTi LDH400P load inputs are rated to CAT II (300V), this allows the direct testing of PFCs and mains connected power supplies to be simplified using the LDH400P by eliminating the need for an isolation transformer, saving bench space and cost.


It is often important to be able to observe the load current waveform on an oscilloscope. The LD series provides a calibrated monitor output for this purpose as well as a sync output from the transient generator. The LDH400P monitor output is ground (chassis) referenced and isolated from the load input, thus allowing it to be connected to a ground oscilloscope.


The LD series incorporates a full variable frequency, variable duty cycle transient generator. Switching between the two preset levels can be done at any frequency between 0.01Hz and 10kHz. The transient generator can be used in all operating modes. The rate of change between levels (slew rate) is controllable over a wide range. Slew rate control applies to all changes of level including remote control and manual changes between level A and level B. A slow-start function can be selected for situations where latching would otherwise occur at switch-on.


The two operating levels for each operating mode are settable to high precision. Levels are displayed using four digit meters which provide resolution down to 1mA, 1mV and 1mW. The meters have an accuracy of 0.1% for voltage and 0.2% for current.

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