Aim-TTi CPX400SP Power Supply Single 420W 'PowerFlex' Max 60V or 20A

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  • PowerFlex design gives variable voltage and current combinations within a maximum power range
  • Up to 60 volts and up to 20 amps
  • 180 watts or 420 watts maximum per output
  • Isolated outputs can be wired in series or parallel
  • Constant voltage or constant current operation
  • Settings Locking (S-Lock)
  • PowerFlex or fixed-range operation
  • Variable OVP trips
  • Selectable remote sense terminals
  • Compact quarter or half rack 3U case size
  • RS232, USB & LXI compliant LAN (P models only)
  • GPIB Option (P models only)

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Aim-TTi CPX400SP Power Supply Single 420W 'PowerFlex' Max 60V or 20A

The Aim-TTi CPX400SP is a single output version of the best selling CPX400D.The ultra-compact design (quarter rack 3U) takes up minimum space for bench or system use.
PowerFlex regulation enables the 420 watts of power to be configured to suit each specific application.
Three versions are available, manual control only (S), with isolated analogue remote control (SA), or with digital remote control via USB, RS232 and LAN and optional GPIB. (SP).

The CPX series is designed to meet the need for flexibility in the choice of voltage and current. The TTi PowerFlex design of the CPX series enables higher currents to be generated at lower voltages within an overall power limit envelope. (see power curve). A conventional PSU has a fixed limit giving a power capability that reduces directly with the output voltage (see power curve). Example voltage & current combinations for the CPX400D include 60V/7A, 42V/10A, 28V/15A, and 20V/20A. As technology has changed, many products have moved from analog controls to digital ones. Although digital controls suit many instruments, they do not necessarily suit a bench power supply. Customer research shows that many users prefer the speed and simplicity of conventional analog controls for setting voltage and current. Digital controls may offer greater precision, but often at the expense of ease-of-use. With this in mind, the CPX400 series retains the true analog controls of its predecessor. The settings of traditional analog potentiometers can drift over time. More importantly, the settings can be changed accidentally with potentially serious consequences. The CPX series now incorporates S-Lock. One press of the Lock button transfers control of voltage and current from the analog controls to internal digital circuitry. This offers not just complete security, but exceptional stability as well with each setting controlled by an instrumentation quality DAC.

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