Wentworth PVX 500 Micropositioner

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  • Smooth precision positioning
  • Versatile for a wide variety of applications
  • Micrometer driven
  • Easy and quick repositioning with magnetic or vacuum hold down
  • Configurable with high voltage/high current probing accessories

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Wentworth PVX 500 Micropositioner



The PVX 500 manual linear motion micropositioner for Wentworth’s analytical probers delivers a highly versatile solution for a variety of applications.

Featuring a choice of either magnetic or vacuum hold down, the PVX 500 micromanipulator provides a rigid probing platform with a quick-release facility for fast, easy repositioning of the manipulator unit.

A wide range of articulated front-ends and needle holder assemblies allows easy integration of the PVX 500 onto most standard systems.


Available with a resolution of down to 0.35 μm, the PVX 500 offers unrivalled accuracy. This is why this micropositioner is ideal not only for semiconductor wafer testing but any application which requires micron, sub-micron or even nanometre positioning.

Wentworth’s PVX 500 micrometer drives and recirculating linear slides provide precise linear motion in all three axes. This allows for ease of positioning onto the finest geometries.


A wide choice of probes and probe holders complements the PVX 500 micromanipulator for most low current applications to less than 10 fA. They are available in different styles including coax with integrated mounting shank, single and dual (series resistor), and Kelvin dual SSMC connections. Optional interface cables complete your probing configuration.



Our specialist HV and HC probes are designed to carry out power device characterization at wafer level. They are capable of testing with voltage up to 10 kV and current up to 100A under pulsed current.