Tektronix MSO24 200 MHz Oscilloscope

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  • Analog Channels - 4
  • Bandwidth -  200 MHz
  • Record Length - 10 m
  • Sample Rate - Up to 2.5 GS/s
  • Digital Channels - 16

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Compact oscilloscope for daily debug and test

The Tektronix MSO24, though small enough to fit into a laptop bag, it offers bandwidth of 70 MHz with a max sample rate of 2.5 GS/s and is available with 4 analog channels. The front and the side I/O enable easy access and connectivity. The optional detachable battery pack gives you flexibility for bench or field use. 
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Simple touchscreen interface and controlsIntuitive touchscreen oscilloscope with simple front panel and controls

The MSO24 offers the same award-winning touchscreen user interface and simplified control panel you’ve come to expect on the most advanced Tektronix oscilloscopes. 

  • Simplified front panel with only the most critical controls
  • Colored LED ring lights around the knobs indicate active sources or parameters to adjust
  • Colored LED light under buttons indicate status

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Comprehensive debug with one instrument2 Series MSO features several integrated options for all-in-one convenience

With several integrated options, the MSO24 is equipped for all your debugging needs in just one instrument. 

  • Built-in 16 MSO channels for testing digital circuits*
  • 50 MHz AFG, 4-bit pattern generator* for simulating the circuit under test
  • Supports a variety of probes to capture a wide range of signals *Available with future software releases.

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Comprehensive Analysis for Fast Insight2 Series MSO offers comprehensive analysis for fast insight

A full suite of analysis tools provides immediate access to instrument configuration or waveform management tasks with a single tap. 

  • Waveform and screen-based cursors with user-selectable readout location
  • Unlimited automated measurements
  • Basic and advanced waveform math including arbitrary equation editing
  • FFT for spectrum analysis

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Optional accessories add versatilityChoose from a variety of optional oscilloscope accessories for the 2 Series MSO

  • Two-slot battery pack supports up to eight hours of battery life and can be hot swapped in the field
  • Rack mount kit attaches easily to VESA mount and allows access to all instrument ports
  • Optional protective case safeguards instrument from drops up to 40 inches and includes kickstand and carrying bag
  • Compatible with many off-the-shelf VESA accessories,including a rolling cart,cup holder mount, desk arm mount, and more

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Analyze, share, collaborate with oscilloscope software

2 Series MSO oscilloscope is software enabled 

Capture data outside the lab, classroom, or any location and collaborate easily with colleagues on the next bench or in the next time-zone. 

  • Built-in VNC server to control instrument from devices such as PC, tablet, or phone
  • TekDrive cloud storage facilitates record-keeping and collaboration
  • Analyze data on or off the scope with TekScope™ PC analysis software that works just like the scope
  • TekScope and TekDrive offered for six months free

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