Svantek SV 977C Sound & Vibration Level Meter

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The kit consists of SVAN977C Class 1 sound & vibration level meter with a detachable preamplifier SV 12L and high quality MK 255 microphone. The list of accessories includes: SA 143 carrying case, SA 22 windscreen, 16 GB microSD card, four AA batteries, USB cable and 36 months warranty card upon product registration.

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Svantek SV 977C Sound & Vibration Level Meter

The Svantek SV 977C is a Class 1 Sound and Vibration meter designed for building acoustics, occupational noise and environmental noise measurements. The meter is a successor of SVAN 977A offering new 1/2” microphone MK255 offering wide frequency range from 3 Hz and excellent long-time stability of sensitivity.  The SVAN 977C has a built-in Bluetooth® interface for wireless connection with with smart-phone applications like Building Acoustics Assistant that extends measurement capabilities dedicated for building acoustics.

One unique feature of the SVAN 977C is ultrasound measurement band up to 40 kHz. The ultrasound band is normally considered as the frequency range above 20 kHz. Ultrasound is used in a number of industrial processes such as cleaning, drilling or welding as well as hospitals for medical procedures.

The SVAN 977C can be also used as the vibration level meter – simply by connecting a cable and a vibration sensor.

New generation sound level meters

The new SV 973 class 2 sound level meter, and the SV 971A class 1 sound level meter are two new generation models that comply with IEC 61672. They have a small size and weight as well as improved application compatibility via mobile apps, which is their main feature.

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Svantek SV 977C