Pendulum 6689 Series Stand-alone Frequency Standard

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  • Up to 11 other instruments can be supplied
  • Both 10 and 5 MHz always included
  • Portable ultra-stable Rubidium standard takes the stability to any desired location

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Pendulum 6689 Series Stand-alone Frequency Standard

The Pendulum Frequency References; model 6689 with a Rubidium clock and model 6688 with a high-stability oven-controlled crystal oscillator, are designed for use in test systems, where a very high stability frequency reference is required and where multiple instruments or testers need to be supplied. 

The Frequency References are also suited in calibration laboratories for calibrating various instrumentation, like frequency counters and synthesizers. The 6689 Rubidium Reference can be used as a primary lab reference, ensuring a frequency drift due to aging of less than 0.001 ppm during 10 years. 


  • Rubidium or high stability oven frequency reference standard
  • Distribution amplifiers for 5 x10 MHz and 1x5MHz outputs as standard
  • Optional 10x 10 MHz outputs
  • 0.001 ppm aging in 10 years(Rubidium)
  • Ideal for telecommunication test systems and calibration laboratories