Hioki IM9000 Equivalent Circuit Analysis Firmware

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Simple Circuit Analysis & Detailed Acceptance/Rejection Decision-MakingFirmware Upgrade for the IM3570

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Hioki IM9000 Equivalent Circuit Analysis Firmware

Hioki LCR Meters and Impedance Analyzers range from 1mHz to 3GHz devices to suit a wide range of applications in the testing of electronic components. The IM9000 is a optional firmware upgrade for Model IM3570 to facilitate Cole-Cole plots, simple circuit analysis and detailed acceptance/rejection decisions, adding value to the IM3570 to serve more advanced component analysis.

Key Features
• Automatically select the equivalent circuit model from the five typical models to minimize the differences between the measured values and the ideal frequency characteristics derived from the analysis results
• Determine acceptance/rejection for the L, C, and R elements comprising a part and the resonance sharpness (mechanical quality coefficient)
• Make detailed decisions on the elements using the resonance of a piezoelectric element or inductor

Three-element modelEquivalent circuit model: Four models for Coil, Resistance, CapacitorMeasurement items: L1 (Inductance), C1 (Capacitance), R1 (Resistance), Qm (Resonance sharpness),fr (Resonance frequency) / fa (Anti-resonance frequency)
Four-element modelEquivalent crcuit model: One model for Pizoelectric elementMeasurement items: L1 (Inductance), C1 (Capacitance), R1 (Resistance), C0 (Parallel capacitance), Qm (Resonance sharpness or mechanical quality coefficient)fr (Resonance frequency), fa (Anti-resonance frequency), fs (Series resonance frequency), fp (Parallel resonance frequency), fm (Maximum admittance frequency), fn (Minimum admittance frequency), f1 (Maximum susceptance frequency), f2 (Minimum susceptance frequency)
Other functionsSimulation: Enables displaying and comparing the ideal frequency characteristics graph derived from the analysis results or the values specified by the userComparator: Runs a comparator on the analysis results and outputs the decision results to screen, EXT. I/O
X-Y displayCole-Cole plot, Admittance circle display