GRAS AL0030 Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber

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  • Self Insertion Loss: >25 dB
  • CCP Microphone set

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GRAS AL0030 Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber


The GRAS AL0030 Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber is an anechoic test chamber for acoustic production line testing of mobile devices, for example cell phones, tablets, bluetooth speaker systems and similarly sized portable acoustic devices. It provides a flexible platform that can be configured to suit specific requirements.


It is built from medium density fibre board lined with acoustic damping material. A large opening at the back of the chamber allows easy access to the chamber for configuring the test setup. The chamber has shock and vibration absorbing feet that prevent vibration from the outside from influencing the measurements.

It has a drawer with multi-adjustable holders for easy and safe mounting and removal of the Device Under Test. It can hold small and medium sized portable devices up to 300 x 200 mm (12 x 8 inches).

The test chamber has 4 fixing points for microphones and sound source, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom panel. Holders for a total of 4 microphones and/or sound sources can be mounted at these fixing points. Additionally, a microphone can be attached to the drawer.

A connector panel with 4 BNC connectors, 2 USB, and 2 Mini DIN connectors provides connections to external instruments.

A Flexible and Configurable Test Platform

GRAS AL0030 provides a flexible test platform that can be configured to suit specific needs.
  • The basic configuration includes user selectable accessories for immediate acoustic testing.
  • Additionally, the test chamber can be fittet with a sound source and an artifial ear.
  • If you have needs that are not covered by these options, we can customize it to suit your specific needs. Contact (your local) GRAS (representative) to initiate the process.

As standard the AL0030 comes with a basic suite of accessories needed for audio response testing. The following are included:
  • The Acoustic Test Chamber
  • Choice of one microphone set
  • Choice of a set of  DUT holders
  • Choice of one microphone holder
  • One standard input connector panel
  • One cable for the microphone set

The connector plate can be ordered blind for customization.

Included and optional accessories for AL0030 are listed under the tab Ordering info.

Quality and warranty

The Acoustic Test Chamber is covered by a two year warranty. For cables and accessories, the warranty for the specific item is valid.

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