Aim-TTi TG2000 DDS Function Generator

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  • 0.001Hz to 20MHz frequency range
  • 6 digits or 1mHz resolution
  • 1ppm stability and 10ppm one year accuracy
  • Low distortion, high spectral purity sine waves
  • Internal phase continuous sweep, lin or log
  • AM, FSK, gated and tone switching modes
  • 5mV to 20V pk-pk from 50 or 600 Ohms
  • Storage for multiple instrument set-ups
  • USB and RS232 Interfaces

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Aim-TTi TG2000 DDS Function Generator

A new price point

The Aim-TTi TG2000 breaks new ground by offering a high quality DDS function generator at a significantly lower price. DDS (direct digital synthesis) is a technique for generating waveforms digitally using a phase accumulator, a look-up table and a DAC. The accuracy and stability of the resulting waveforms is related to that of the crystal master clock. When correctly engineered, the DDS generator offers not only exceptional accuracy and stability but also high spectral purity, low phase noise and excellent frequency agility.

Total digital control

Unlike some other generators which only provide digital control of frequency, every function is digitally controlled enabling complete instrument set-ups to be stored, or full remote control to be implemented (TG2000 only).

Wide frequency and amplitude range

The TG2000 can generate waveforms between 0.001Hz and 20MHz with a resolution of six digits and a one year accuracy better than 10ppm.
Amplitude is variable between 5mV and 20V pk-pk from a source impedance of 50 or 600.
Unlike many generators, the waveform quality remains excellent over the full amplitude range.

RS-232 and USB interfaces

The TG2000 also includes both an RS-232 interface and USB interface. These interfaces can be used for remote control of all of the instrument functions and for remotely storing instrument set-ups.

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