Aim-TTi PLH250 Power Supply Single 0-250V/0-0.375A

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  • Single output 120V 90W or 250V 94W
  • Linear regulation - for the best performance
  • Ultra-compact design - uses up less space
  • True Analogue controls - for ease of use
  • S-Lock function - instantly lock settings
  • V-Span function - customize the voltage range
  • Low current range and current meter averaging
  • DC output switches and "view limits" button
  • Selectable remote sense terminals

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Aim-TTi PLH250 Power Supply Single 0-250V/0-0.375A

The Aim-TTi PLH250 is a Bench/System Higher Voltage DC Power Supply with 250V/0.375A and No Interfaces

Higher voltages without lower performance

The PLH Series is the latest high-performance linear regulated dc power supply range from TTi. It is based on the PL Series of lower voltage precision linear power supplies (which offers up to 60V) and has an identical casing style and similar power output. However, certain features relevant to the higher voltage are different.

The PLH Series has true analogue controls but combines them with new digitally based convenience features. Learn More

Take a quick tour of the Features "It's a power supply - what more do I need to know?" The PLH Series has some new and unique features that are well worth taking a quick look at.

Read a Quick Summary with Technical specifications main bullet points plus the technical specifications for the product.

The PLH series is a development of the best-selling New PL series of laboratory bench power supplies which is available in 15V, 30V and 60V variants (covered in a separate brochure and on our web site). „ The PLH series retains the ultra compact format, high power density, and smart analog controls of the PL series but offers voltages up to 250V to cover applications beyond the capabilities of standard bench PSUs and into areas such as magnetics.

TTi has been at the forefront of laboratory power supply design for around thirty years during which it has re-defined the state-of-the-art for switch mode products with its innovative Mixed-mode and PowerFlex regulator designs. Demand for linear regulated PSUs has remained strong and continuing development of linear models has generated the lower cost ELR series, and the advanced QL series in addition to the ever popular PL series. The PLH and PLH-P series of linear regulated higher voltage dc power supplies joins a large family of PSUs with power levels from 15 watts up to 1200 watts.

For more information: Aim-TTi PLH Series