Wentworth Laboratories is the expert in wafer probing, renowned for high performance wafer probers and cantilever probe cards. Our ability to create customized and integrated wafer test solutions is second to none. Meticulous project communication and post-project monitoring ensure that our products fulfil even the most challenging requirements.

Our wafer prober products have been selected for many leading-edge wafer test applications across the semiconductor industry, leading to products such as hand-held devices, video game stations, PCs and medical diagnostic equipment. As an award-winning wafer test industry innovator, we are highly skilled in delivering wafer probers and cantilever probe card solutions. Our expertise in wafer probing, enable our customers to maximize their productivity and reduce cost.

Founded in 1967, Wentworth Laboratories has global offices and representation, and manufactures two major product lines: wafer probe stations/accessories and cantilever probe cards/cantilever probe card manufacturing equipment. In our UK facilities we manufacture wafer probers and cantilever probe cards. In the US we manufacture cantilever probe cards.