HIOKI, an R&D-focused company

Technology advances on a daily basis, making possible safer and more comfortable human lifestyles and helping make dreams come true. The measuring instruments that underpin these advances also continue to evolve. To develop electrical measuring instruments that meet the changing needs of our times, one-third of all HIOKI employees work in research and development, an area where we invest approximately 10% of all revenue.

Pursuing agile production

HIOKI is striving to implement an ideal production system capable of supplying high-quality products to customers when and where they need them.
Due to the nature of electrical measuring instruments, which serve as “yardsticks” for measuring electricity, it is necessary to ensure a high level of quality in their production. Working with the cooperation of suppliers, we continuously strive to ensure our manufacturing operations conform to the world’s highest standards of product quality.

Practicing customer-focused sales

Working with distributors, we actively visit customers to resolve their concerns. Information obtained during these visits is also utilized in product development, laying the groundwork for our ability to create products that satisfy our customers.