For over 50 years, we have been continuously improving upon and developing new industrial laser systems, with a focus towards the processes of cutting; welding; marking and engraving; and micromachining, providing unmatched total solutions to our global customers.

CLC offers risk free, pre-sales application research in workpiece samples tests; standard and customized laser automation systems; and customer-oriented, fast responding service plans to ensure all systems perform at or beyond the customer’s expectations.

CLC’s unique advantages are:

  1. We are a technology driven company, offering laser system customization and providing a “One Stop” laser technology solution and support sytem.
    Our engineering scope includes beam delivery design; system automation; and in-house coding of controller firmware and laser system software, so that we can respond to any customization requests: from designing around new laser sources; to new system engineering; to integration into existing production lines; to field service support. That is why we are called Control Laser.
  2. We have accumulated 50+ years of laser processing experience and system integration “know-how”. For many challenges we already know what the optimal solution is, and are able to help customers select the right configuration for their use-case, advising from the most economical option to the highest performance.