TESEQ NSG 3060A Series Multifunction Generator Systems

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Multifunction Generator Systems - The Smart 6.6 kV Solution
  • One box solution system
  • Surge voltage to 6.6 kV
  • EFT/Burst to 4.8 kV / 1 MHz
  • PQT to 16 A / 300 VAC & DC
  • Easy to use 7“ color touch screen
  • Parameters can be changed while test is running
  • Wide range of optional test accessories

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TESEQ NSG 3060A Series Multifunction Generator Systems

Teseq’s new NSG 3060A conducted immunity generator takes the proven, user-friendly design of the highly successful NSG 3000 series to a new level. This innovative design uses modular architecture to provide a versatile system that can be configured for basic testing needs and expanded to meet the needs of sophisticated test laboratories.

Designed to fulfill requirements for CE mark and ANSI C62.41 testing, the NSG 3060A performs tests for Combination wave surge, Ring wave and Electrical Fast Transient (EFT) pulses as well as Power Quality Testing (PQT). Extensive expansion capabilities enable the system to be configured for a much broader range of applications.

Using state of the art components, the self-contained modules set new standards with respect to switching and phase accuracy and exceed the existing standards’ requirements. With its powerful processors, the NSG 3060A can completely fulfill the unique coupling requirements specified by ANSI C62.41. This standard requires that the pulse amplitude be adjusted for the phase position of the pulse on the AC mains, and for the amplitude of the mains voltage.

A 7” touch panel display with superb contrast and color is the most striking feature of the new NSG 3060A. For fast and efficient data entry, input devices include an integrated keyboard and a thumbwheel with additional keys for sensitivity adjustment.

The user-friendly graphic display speeds test setup. Each parameter’s value is highly visible, and all settings can be quickly selected and modified with the generously sized touch input buttons. A stylus is not necessary, and ramp functions are programmed quickly and easily. Multi-step test procedures can be created and their sequence or parameter values changed easily.

The users can make manual parameter changes using the thumbwheel while a test is under way, providing an effective and fast method for identifying critical threshold values. The Test Assistance (TA) function allows users to initiate standardized test with just a few “clicks” to achieve quick, reliable results in a development environment.

The NSG 3060A has an Ethernet port for external PC control. The Windows-based control software simplifyes test programming and allows compilation of complex test sequences with diverse pulse types. Test reports can be generated during the test operation, allowing the operator to enter observations as the test progresses and increasing the efficiency of long-term tests.

Combination wave pulse 1, 2/50 - 8/20 μs (Hybrid-Surge pulse)
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-5

Pulse voltage (open circuit):±200 V to 6.6 kV (in 1 V steps)
Pulse current (short circuit):±100 A to 3.3 kA
Impedance:2/12 Ω
Polarity:positive / negative / alternate
Pulse repetition:10 s* up to 9’999 s (in 1 s steps)
Test duration:1 to 99’999 pulses, continuous
Phase synchronization:asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)
Coupling:ANSI / IEC / external

Burst (EFT) 5/50 ns
Pulse conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-4

Pulse amplitude: ±200 V to 4.8 kV (in 1 V steps) - open circuit±100 V to 2.4 kV (50 Ω matching system)
Burst frequency:100 Hz to 1000 kHz
Polarity:positive / negative / alternate
Repetition time:10 ms to 9'999 ms
Burst time:0.01 ms to 9'999 ms, single pulse
Test duration:1 s to 9’999s, 1 min to 1600 min, endless
Phase synchonization:asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)
Coupling:internal / external

Dips, Interrupts & Variations
Conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-11, IEC/EN 61000-4-29

Dips & Interrupts:From EUT voltage input to 0 V, 0% (1)
Uvar with optional variac:depending on model (VAR 3005A)
Uvar with step transformer:0, 40, 70, 80% (INA 650xA)
Peak inrush current capability:> 500 A (at 230 V)
Switching times:1 to 5 μs (100 Ω load)
Event time (T-Event):20 µs to 9999 s, 0.5 to 9’999 cycles
Repetition time:10 ms to 9’999 ms, 1 to 9’999 s
Test duration:1 to 99’999 events, endless
Phase synchronization:asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)

Variation test (with VAR 3005A only)
conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-11

Uvar with optional variac:up to 265 V (in 1 V steps) or up to 115% Uin (in 1% steps)
Decreasing time Td:1 ms to 9.999 ms, 0.5 to 9999 cycles, abrupt
Time at reduced voltage Ts:1 ms to 9.999 ms, 0.5 to 9999 cycles,
Increasing time Ti:1 ms to 9.999 ms, 0.5 to 9999 cycles,
Repetition time:1 s to 9’999 s
Events:1 to 99’999

Pulsed magnetic field in conjunction with 702A
conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-9

Field:100 to 1200 A/m
Polarity:positive / negative / alternate
Repetition time:10 s to 9999s (in 1 s steps)
Impedance:2 Ω
Coil / impedance factor:0.01 to 100.00
Test duration:1 to 9’999 pulses, endless
Phase synchronization:asynchronous, synchronous 0 to 359º (in 1º steps)

Power magnetic field in conjunction with MFT 30 or MFO 6501 and MFC 30 & MFC 300
conforms to IEC/EN 61000-4-8

Field:1 to max. 40 A/m (in 1 A/m steps)
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Coil factor:0.01 to 99.99
Test duration:1 to 9’999 pulses, continuous