Tektronix TDP7710 LV Diff. Probe

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  • Bandwidth - 10 GHz
  • Input Impedance - 100k Ω (SIT) / 144k Ω (BRW) || 0.4 pF
  • Attenuation - 4x / 10x
  • Maximum Voltage - +/- 12 V

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The TDP7700 Series TriMode probes provide the highest probe fidelity available for real-time oscilloscopes. In addition, with connectivity innovations such as solder down tips with the probe’s input buffer mounted only a few millimeters from the end of the tip, the TDP7700 series probes provide unmatched usability for connecting to today’s most challenging electronic designs.



Key features

  • High bandwidth for signal fidelity
    • 10 GHz TDP7710
    • 8 GHz TDP7708
    • 6 GHz TDP7706
    • 4 GHz TDP7704
  • Minimal device impact
    • Thin and flexible solder tips
    • Lightweight and flexible probe cable
    • Active buffer tip design for low probe loading
  • Easy to connect TekFlex™ Connector technology
    • Pinch-to-Open accessory connector
    • Versatile Connectivity - solder-down tips, optional browser for handheld or fixtured probing, and coaxial input (SMA adapter)
    • Cross compatibility with P7700 series tip accessories
    • Full Bandwidth to 10 GHz
    • Probe cable and solder-down tips operate over an extended temperature range
  • Probe and tip specific S-parameters
    • Full AC calibration of the probe and tip's signal path based upon unique s-parameter models
    • Unique DSP filters created for each probe and tip
  • FlexChannel® interface for oscilloscope/probe control and usability
    • Direct control via probe buttons or from the oscilloscope's menus
    • Automated control of probe settings via the oscilloscope
    • Automatic recognition of the probe and tip when attached to the oscilloscope



TDP7700 Series TriMode Probes

With TriMode probing one probe setup makes differential, single ended, and common mode measurements accurately. This unique capability allows you to work more effectively and efficiently, switching between differential, single ended and common mode measurements without moving the probe's connection points.



TekFlex connector technology

The TDP7700 Series TriMode probes use the new TekFlex connector technology that combines a high speed signal path with power and communication support for an active buffer tip in a single, easy to connect accessory connector. The TekFlex connector has a pinch-to-open design that when open requires minimal force to attach an accessory tip. When the TekFlex connector is closed, it provides a secure connection to the accessory to avoid accidental disconnections.

With the TekFlex connector, the TDP7700 series probes offer a set of active probe tips with the probe's buffer amplifier only millimeters from the input connections. The short signal path enabled with the active tips provides high fidelity and a high impedance input. It also minimizes signal loss, capacitance, and additive noise.

P77STFLXA solder down, flex-circuit accessory with an active buffer amplifier on its tip.
P77STFLXB solder down, flex-circuit accessory provides a probing solution for DDR4 and LPDDR4 electrical validation when used with Nexus XH Series Interposers.
P77STCABL solder down accessory with a long reach, flexible cable combined with an active buffer amplifier on the tip.



Browser accessory for handheld probing

When you need to make a quick measurement or debug a problem, the TDP7700 series browser accessory provides a simple to use option. With precision engineered tips that are easy to see and position accurately, the P77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing and is ideal for probing fine pitch components and differential traces with spacing as narrow as 0.2 mm (.008 in).

P77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing with adjustable tip spacing.

The browser's tips have a full range of compliance and are adjustable in spacing using a convenient thumb wheel. A headlight on the tip enhances visibility of the probe point and can be switched on and off as needed. The browser tips are constructed of high strength BeCu and super-ceramic resistors (patent pending pin technology). TheP77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing with signal fidelity and convenience.

Headlight on P77BRWSR handheld browser accessory enables hand or fixtured probing and enhances visibility of the probe point.



Coaxial input (SMA) adapter

RF/coaxial connectors, such as SMA, are often found on test fixtures or on prototype board designs. Attaching a TDP7700 series probe to these on-board connectors is easy with the SMA adapter. The P77C292MM adapter allows you to connect to 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm or SMA connectors with full bandwidth and low noise. The P77C292MM adapter includes TriMode functionality enabling differential, single ended, and common mode measurements.

The termination voltage can be set manually or automatically using voltage sense circuitry in the TDP7700 probe and covers a range of ±2.5 V.

P77C292MM SMA/2.92mm adapter for connecting to coaxial connectors.



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